[Links] Fanfiction, Poetry, and Reflections

Merri-Todd, over on Antinous for Everybody, has written a post about fanfiction and ancestor veneration. Of interest to the Other People is this quote:

The Romantic artist is the glorious solitary male, drinking himself to death to bear the burden of his splendid isolation, the condition of his creative gifts. …

The fanfic writer, or the fan artist, by contrast, is a girl, or a woman, surrounded…

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"He has burned me up, but not ash is behind, not ash. Wounds. Scars. My face is charred."


Otherfaith Questions | Askbox

I won’t have time on Sunday to answer Otherfaith questions, but if anyone has questions about the Other People or our Gods, you can send them in today and I will answer them.

If you are new to the Otherfaith, we have an overview you can read here. If you want to know about our gods, you can read here.

Reminiscing... | Between Ocean and Hills

or, how I found the Otherfaith

I can’t really say why I was doubting. It’s weird, because I had about six months of solid, good devotion to the Four Gods and I was happy about all of that. Something in me just…faltered. I don’t know. I was freaking out because I didn’t want to leave the Otherfaith, but then I felt like I had to, and it was so painful to have those thoughts because I love these gods.

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[Links] Prayers & Work

Jenn, one of the Other People, has written about work & Work over on her blog, ‘Between Ocean and Hills’. She blogs about the Otherfaith and about her other religious and spiritual work and, as always, it is a wonderful read. An excerpt from her latest:

We all have our work. We do what we are driven to do–by ourselves, by our gods, by our spirits, by our ancestors–and no one else should pass…

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Life, Death, Now | Hawthorne & Heather

Polytheist.com is up and running. This project brings together a bunch of polytheist voices, with the intent to highlight our similarities and differences, giving us a space where we don’t have to argue over the very basics and instead can delve deeper into our beliefs, practices, and experiences.

I’m so honored to be part of this project. I, along with nine other columnists, had our articles posted today. There is more to come - with most of us not knowing who else is writing!

I’m linking my own piece here, but please do read the others. They are wonderful.

Everything about him was familiar. His hair, his eyes, the way he swung his hips as he walked. He smelled like crisp cold air. I knew his face as soon as I had seen it, because I’d been doodling and drawing it for years. I knew him as soon as I saw him, because he had been at the periphery of my life for years. A vague image I had never been able to grab. That day he was before me though, as if waiting for me.

I shut the door in his face. Not that it did any good. He, being rather disembodied, just floated through a few minutes later and hovered over me. I ignored him in favor of cooling down from work before going to make an offering to the gods.

“Hey,” he said, interrupting me as I went to their shrine. “Hey. I know you see me.”

I refused to look at him.

“Hey, asshole!” he continued when I didn’t respond.

That was how I met my spirit guide, Hawthorne.

Could there be more than these six Gods?

Hello anon.

There could be more than these six Gods. Because of the theological stances the Otherfaith as a whole holds (which do not need to be upheld exactly by the People themselves, though polytheism is the ideal belief), any spirit in our religious tradition could become a god if the right events came together. 

So, in the Otherfaith, there could be more than these six Gods. 

In fact, I’m betting on us getting at least two more. One of the recurring symbols the Four Gods share is that of the compass rose, which has at least eight points. So, I view the gods at currently being six out of eight. They will, at least as far as I can tell, still be called the Four Gods - which is fitting because you have the first four points on a compass, from which the other gods spring.

However, my impression, a very strong one, is that I am not to be the one who reveals or discovers any other gods in the faith. The Four Gods have conveyed that my role in conveying the gods names and finding new ones is done. No more of that for me! Now it’s focusing on the gods I’ve already revealed. (In case anyone is wondering - I’m immensely happy about this. I feel stretched already as it is!)

Whatever gods join the faith, I’m excited to learn of them. And if no more do, that too is fine. We simply have to play it by ear.

We will also inevitably have gods outside of our tradition that they are syncretic with. However, I really want people who already worship those gods to do that, because I do not feel comfortable proclaiming that ‘such and such god is connected to this new god’. I feel it oversteps boundaries for me to do so, personally.

Otherfaith Sunday | Askbox

Answering questions on the Otherfaith, Other People, and our gods today. Will try to power through any questions I get so answers are readily available.

If you’re just learning about the faith, our about page can be found here.

Contemplation: The Work

I try to do the Work my gods have given me. Sometimes, the work is unclear or lost in communication. Other times, I simply fail to do as I should and have to take a breath and restart, reminding myself why I am doing this Work. I’m still learning and growing and ending up on the wrong side of a few entities. (Nothing, yet, that I can’t fix.)

When I am doing the Work, though, I feel joy. I know my…

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BTW - for those that use it, I do have a KiK account. You can message me at ainellew. We can talk about general Pagan or polytheist stuff, religious community shenanigans, or whatever.

6.22.2014. Otherfaith Tumblog will be active by the end of the month. Aine will be gone the 8-14 of July for the Polytheist Leadership Conference. Expect minimal updates during this time. Askbox is open and we are looking for questions for our FAQs.