"Take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented."

Elie Wiesel (via dangerouswitnesses)

working on art for Pallis

I’m working on a new devotional piece for Pallis. I’m also going to be putting together another playlist on 8tracks. Any requests for spirits or gods to put music to?


working on art for Pallis

I’m working on a new devotional piece for Pallis. I’m also going to be putting together another playlist on 8tracks. Any requests for spirits or gods to put music to?

Trespass is Not Transformative

Trespass is Not Transformative


This blog has been very quiet lately, in part due to the inevitable religious fallout of Hell Month (as well as a larger ‘dark night’ experience which I plan to write about elsewhere). While time to privately reflect is vital to any religious practice, this silence has almost meant that I have not kept people updated with shifts in the Otherfaith. Important shifts, such as how to be involved with…

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So, if someone who was a follower of the Otherfaith ends up without the community, or in a tiff with someone and they're unwilling to play nicely together, the person who's outside the community can no longer call themselves a follower of the Otherfaith?


In the case of a Person without a community -

They can definitely call themselves part of the Other People and Otherfaith, as long as they live within out ethics, pray regularly, and give appropriate offerings at the correct times. If for whatever reason they cannot be part of the community (they don’t have anyone local nor internet access, they’re traveling, etc.), that doesn’t mean they aren’t part of the Otherfaith. They do, however, need to try to join a community of the People when they are able to (currently, the only community is online, though I’m trying to stir up a local one). There is a large difference between can’t and won’t. A Person who is unable to join in communal practices or interact with the People is still part of the Otherfaith. A Person who refuses to participate because they don’t want to make time for it, they don’t like community, or they just prefer being solitary should not consider themselves nor be considered part of the faith.

(It’s important to note that community involvement doesn’t mean you check it every day, or even every week. Just poking your head in and saying hello occasionally, as you are able to, is important. Community also means receiving support, so the community itself has to make sure people aren’t being unintentionally isolated and also check in on its own members to see if they need anything.)

In the case of interpersonal fights within the People -

The issue gets sticky, and this answer will go under a cut.

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Just in case anyone is confused as to why someone might be told to leave the ‘faith. We are not, actually, vague about this. Though we are not as firm about the community demands as we once were (an improvement), we will kick out abusers from our community. Simple as that.

We will also take any necessary legal steps that we must if we learn laws have been broken. Basic human decency, which has nothing to do with religion.

The use of a religion to excuse abuse is, and will always be, abhorrent to gods that ran so far from abuse as to create their own world. To think that predators could find welcoming arms in any space is, naturally, horrifying. 

It is simply human to want to stop abuse. The gods shouldn’t need to show us that, though they do.

Contemplation: Urban Faith

I was raised halfway in the forest and halfway in the city by a half-wild mother. It is simply not to be that I would become one from the City or one from the Wild. I was intended for both. The Wild, both real and imagined, was my preferred place. The smog of the City choked me, the heat of the cars and crowds suffocated, and the noise was endless. For this reason, I never expected to find myself…

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[Monday] Pollution in the Faith

[Monday] Pollution in the Faith


These questions on spiritual pollution are from here. They seem to mainly be directed toward the issue of miasma which exists in some religious traditions. The Other People do not refer to our spiritual pollution as miasma but instead simply call it pollution or spiritual dirt.

Does your tradition recognize pollution, and how is it handled?

Spiritual pollution in the Otherfaith is largely tied to…

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Contemplation: July Apotheosis


I pour coffee into each offering tray before the sun rises. Later in the day, I sprinkle tobacco and a rose-herb mix into the smallest bowl, breaking cigarettes into the other. Everything smells vaguely of coffee and sweet oils. A broken egg sits in the middle offering dish, and the incense from earlier has burned all the way down.

Honoring the deification of the Dierne has been quiet. It was no…

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"Hello, July. Hello, Hell Month.”

ed sheeran ♠ i see fire (kygo remix) | lana del rey ♠ summertime sadness (cedric gervais remix) | kagamine len & rin ♠ sincerity gender | onerepublic ♠ counting stars (lonczinski remix) | ia ♠ outer science | lana del rey ♠ young and beautiful (cedric gervais remix) | fall out boy ft foxes ♠ just one yesterday | kagamine len & rin ♠ childish war | p!nk ♠ the king is dead but the queen is alive | panic! at the disco ♠ hurricane | choucho ♠ mozaik role | paramore ♠ grow up | jubyphonic ♠ outer science | panic! at the disco ♠ stall me | paramore ♠ monster (phlebo bootleg remix) | marina and the diamonds ♠ rootless | band of horses ♠ the funeral (butch clancy remix) | hideaki anno ♠ a cruel angel’s thesis 

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"Hello, July. Hello, Hell Month.”

ed sheeran i see fire (kygo remix) | lana del rey summertime sadness (cedric gervais remix) | kagamine len & rin sincerity gender | onerepublic counting stars (lonczinski remix) | ia  outer sciencelana del rey young and beautiful (cedric gervais remix) | fall out boy ft foxes just one yesterday | kagamine len & rin childish war | p!nk the king is dead but the queen is alive | panic! at the disco hurricane | choucho mozaik role | paramore grow up | jubyphonic outer science | panic! at the disco stall me | paramore monster (phlebo bootleg remix) | marina and the diamonds rootless | band of horses the funeral (butch clancy remix)hideaki anno ♠ a cruel angel’s thesis 

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honestly if you claim to be a “godphone” I’m going to watch you like a hawk until it’s been proven because I will not trust you at all


I don’t trust me either, even though I do claim that…it’s too easy to screw up and abuse others’ confidence, even if I mean well. I’ve had people ask me to ask [Deity] something and I’m just like, naw man, down that way lies only a lot of trouble neither of us want, it’s not worth it.

yeah see I mean “BUT LOKI SAID HE’S ALLERGIC TO PEANUTS AND I’M HIS FAVORITE DEVOTEE oh and also [cross-pantheon reltionship claim that contradicts several dozen sets of mythos]” not, like, what you just said. like if the first thing I know about a person is that they are the one true Prophetess of all three Hecates I’m gonna be throwing a little red flag.

This is partly why I have godphone blacklisted on all of my browsers with xKit because I just don’t want to see those ridiculous tall tales from people. Especially since godphone was literally a term jokingly created at a big pagan gathering as a way to make fun of eccentrics.

Do you have a source for that last? Because the way I’ve seen it told by one of the people who was present when the term was coined was that it was a tongue-in-cheek way to refer to “getting communication from deities.”

Yeah, I’d really like a source for that last bit - as is pointed out, the people who were present when the term was created give a very different story. And considering that most of those people are very open about that, I’m highly doubtful of this sudden claim that it’s to ‘make fun’ of others.

6.22.2014. Otherfaith Tumblog will be active by the end of the month. Aine will be gone the 8-14 of July for the Polytheist Leadership Conference. Expect minimal updates during this time. Askbox is open and we are looking for questions for our FAQs.